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Tactical Monsters is a turn-based strategy game where players have to lead a group of monsters through thrilling battles lasting between three and five minutes. A maximum of five monsters can take part in each faction. And of course, you can choose to face the computer, as well as other players online.

The fight system on Tactical Monsters is very traditional. Each character can move a certain number of boxes and launch an attack. An exception to this rule are the long-distance attack units, which are only allowed to move or attack in each turn. Apart from this you can, of course, attack any enemy on the map.

Tactical Monsters is a highly entertaining strategy game that also boasts lovely graphics. Special mention to the large variety of monsters that you can recruit for your army: medusas, griffons, skeletons, orcs, dragons, yetis, mummies, and a long line of others.
Turn based battles against players all over the world in Tactical Monsters

For those who are used to online turn based strategy games in which micromanaging your characters is key to victory, Tactical Monsters is a welcome arrival. The game was developed by Camex Games (Heroes Tactics), and it enters you into traditional turn based battles against other players. Fans of the genre will be delighted with this new online competitive strategy game.
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Android 4.0.3 or above required